Zachary Schemionek


“Zach”, as most call him is a good natured, likeable young man whose fiery passion for fishing and the outdoors runs very deep. Zach’s enthusiasm for fishing got started at an early age by parents who shared their love of fishing and outdoor activities with him. Coming from a fishing family, many of Zach’s fondest memories are fishing with his grandparents and parents in Northern Wisconsin. That deeply instilled love of fishing in this young man quickly facilitated a move to North Dakota shortly after graduation from high school.

Hiring on with Karin and Kyle Blanchfield at Woodland Resort, Devils Lake, ND. was the start of this young man’s outdoor career. (Kudos to the Blanchfields for helping so many young people get started working in the outdoors.) Working in the resort’s bait and tackle store and with Woodland Ice Crew in the winter months kept young Zachary very busy, but not so busy that Zach still found time to spend every free minute fishing and hunting the Devils Lake system.

An avid waterfowl and bowhunter, Zach enjoys the many opportunities this North Dakota outdoor paradise affords sportsmen and women. Competitive in nature, Zach already has several solid finishes in our local hotly contested Devils Lake walleye tournaments. All that outdoor exposure brought this young man to the natural progression of becoming a fishing guide with Mitchell’s Guide Service during the Open Water season and Zippy Dahl’s Perch Patrol Guide Service in the winter months. Zach will gratefully tell you, for him it has become a dream come true.

Now starting his third year of guiding full time with Mitchell’s Guide Service, Zach earned the title of, “2016 MGS Rookie of the Year”. That accolade was given to Zach by his fellow guides for his solid, hard work ethic, his outstanding customer service and his ability to quickly learn and adapt when guiding.This young guides clients produced some very good catches during the summer of 2016 and 2017. Zach’s agreeable nature and willingness to give his all in a day of guiding has already brought him a number of repeat customers. When asked what he liked most about guiding? Zach answered, the daily interaction with his clients, the mentoring and helping others grow their love of fishing by providing positive experiences and the satisfaction of a job well done at the end of day. Don’t let this man’s youth fool you. We older guides at MGS see this young man as a natural talent who already has earned our respect for his efforts and abilities. Zach mentors well, adapts quickly and already he has become a valuble asset to Mitchell’s Guide Service.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a fun, productive and enjoyable experience of fishing at Devils Lake, ND.? Zachary Schemionek would be an excellent guide to request. We here at MGS are confident you will not be disappointed in this energetic young guide.

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